February is definitely the most beautiful time of year in St. Petersburg. 

…just kidding. It’s pretty cold and slushy. However, it does have a charm of its own! Here are some shots of winter: 

IMG_1110    IMG_1114

Sometimes people take walks on the frozen river… so do ducks. 

IMG_1383        IMG_1411


My host Nina Nikolaevna’s birthday was in February, so we had a nice celebration: 

IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1352 IMG_1350

February also brought “Maslenitsa,” the time before lent when everyone fattens up on blini (traditional Russian crepes). Here is my friend Andrei enjoying a plateful: 

IMG_1346    IMG_1345

If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, I am definitely part cabbage by now. I have fully embraced cooking with it and make “Щи” (“Schi”) and “Борщ” (“Borscht”) regularly. If cabbage is not the national vegetable of Russia, it should be. 

IMG_1306        IMG_0027


The great Russian literary genius Aleksandr Pushkin died on February 10th, 1837, in St. Petersburg, after being wounded in a duel. The apartment where he died was turned into a museum, and every year there is a day-long series of activities and events to mark the anniversary of his passing. My voice studio presented a program of art songs and arias based on texts of Pushkin, and we sang to a completely full concert hall! I also stayed and listened to a poetry reading held in front of Pushkin’s statue. 



I sang the role of Amor in Gluck’s “Orfeo” this past weekend at the conservatory Theater of Opera and Ballet: 

IMG_1365   IMG_1399

Apparently, mythological gods of love like to take selfies, too: 

IMG_1396 IMG_1393

Short post this time…but hey, February is a short month!

See you next time!



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